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NATURAL HERITAGE NEW MEXICO is a division of the Museum of Southwestern Biology at the University of New Mexico.
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Additional Resources Hosted by NHNM

  • NMOS Field Notes online database: A collaborative project to allow review and online editing of the 53,000 record NM Ornithological Society Field Notes database. This site will eventually allow the public to query this database of observations from 1962 to the present (Password-protected, in development).

  • UNM Herbarium searchable online database: NHNM is hosting a search engine for the 50,000 record UNM Herbarium database. This database currently covers about half of the specimens in the collection. Also includes access to the UNM Herbarium type collection (In development).

  • USGS-NHNM Plant Species-at-Risk Project: A pilot resource developed by NHNM and the USGS Division of Biological Resources to provide access to USFW and others concerning the distribution of USFW plant species of concern (this does not include listed or proposed T&E species nor candidates). The search engine is new and the data come from our current Biological and Conservation Data System, but the site and the state map are from 1999.

  • WSMR Sensitive Biological Elements Database: NHNM has developed an online searchable database with ArcIMS map interface for White Sands Missile Range sensitive biological elements to assist WSMR natural resource managers (Password protected, for WSMR staff only).

  • Tools for Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management: An Example from the Greater Tularosa Basin: A series of examples that focus on the “Greater Tularosa Basin” at various spatial scales and historical contexts to demonstrate how maps can be developed to help us visualize landscape change through time, thus providing a context for understanding the potential impacts of management decisions. A cooperative project of the U.S. Geological Survey and the New Mexico Partnership.

  • NHPAccess-L: This listserv is dedicated to the use of Microsoft Access databases for conservation purposes, particularly for use by Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centers. Open to all with an interest in this topic.

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