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NATURAL HERITAGE NEW MEXICO is a division of the Museum of Southwestern Biology at the University of New Mexico.
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Who Uses NHNM Data

Information from the NHNM database is available to anyone who submits a written request. NHNM's software has been designed to generate customized reports, and it is our goal to make our data as widely accessible as possible. It is essential that accurate information on rare species and plant communities be available to all planners, decision makers, and public interest groups if the biodiversity of the state is to be preserved.

Typical users include:

  • managers and consultants preparing clearance and compliance surveys;
  • managers and consultants preparing Endangered Species Management Plans;
  • planners and developers evaluating site options for a project;
  • city councilors developing a community plan;
  • scientists and educators wishing to focus their attention on key areas or species;
  • decision makers and conservation groups identifying vulnerable areas .

We are able to supply answers to most requests within two weeks.
Click here for further information on how to submit a data request. For a description of the types of products we can supply, click here.

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